131st Field Regiment Royal Artillery

War Diary for December 1945

Commanding Officer: Lt-Col G.M. Palmer M.C., R.A.
Place Date Hour Summary References to Appendices
LUBECK 1 Major S.V.P. Cornwell R.A. (second in Command) left unit for U.K. For class A Release. Major N.B.M. Smithson R.A. 319, appointed Second in Command, and Capt T.C. Palmer R.A. Bty Captain 320, promoted and appointed B.C. 319.
3 Lt A Stott R.A. Dispatched to U.K. For class B Release. Lt L Stenning R.A. Posted to 3 RHA. Capt W.B. Thompson R.A. Posted to 2228 PW Camp.
8 Major N.W. Taylor R.A.(B.C. 320) dispatched to U.K. for Class A Release. Capt A.S. Tee R.A. Appointed B.C. 320 Bty.
9-11 Regiment moved to Winter Quarters in LUBECK, and came under command of 227(H) Bde once more. Regiment was relieved by 2 Glas H.
11 Regiment in conjunction with all other units 227(H) Bde started an extensive anti-crime drive in LUBECK where there has been much trouble recently from Dps., murder being not infrequent, and armed robbery a daily occurrence.
14 The Divisional Commander, Major General C.M. Barber C.B., D.S.O. Visited the regiment to say "Goodbye" before orders for disbandment were received. Regiment paraded for inspection and were complimented by the G.O.C. on turnout and bearing.
15 Lt.C.G.Edge R.A. posted to 4th RHA.
17 Regiment received orders for disbandment. Disbandment to be complete except for rear parties by 9th Jan 46. The Regiment continues to carry out its occupational duties in new area. All previous commitments in RATZEBURG area had been handed over to 2 Glas H. New commitments in LUBECK were lighter as it was expected that disbandment would take place soon. Christmas was celebrated in the traditional style and with traditional fare.