131st Field Regiment Royal Artillery


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Name: Julie McPherson Date: 12 August 2020 11:59
How did you find this website? Researching
Comments: My Father in Law was in this regiment and I have found several photos of him on duty. Would they be of interest to this site?
Name: Tom Bannerman Date: 24 May 2020 08:11
How did you find this website? Researching war records for 131st FR, RA
Comments: My father, Cameron Laird Bannerman, served in the 131st FR, RA. He was a gunner and adjutant's dispatch rider. I understand that he was also a bren gunner. His artistic skills were put to use as a sign-writer, e.g. military insignia, signage and, sadly, painting names of fallen comrades on crosses. He was a very funny man, hated the army but loved its camaraderie. After the war, he attended Glasgow School of Art. Moved with gamily to Sydney, Australia in 1962. Worked as a scenic painter for the national broadcaster the ABC, lectured in art for the National Art School, retiring from that in 1987. Maintained his art-making until the last few years of his life. Attended the Tilburg 65th Anniversary liberation services at the age go ninety - had a great time there. Died: 2 July, 2011, 92 yrs old. Marvellous husband, father and grandfather.
Name: Colin gray Date: 9 May 2020 19:25
How did you find this website? BrowsingI
Comments: I just come across Anna Bell reference to her fathers experience, I wrote an article refering to an experience they had ,Capt peppiat,tich edward rayner,tommy gray +one other, I managed to get it published in the gunner magazine, I was also in the RA 21med regt ,edinburgh,plus I S in cyprus.
Name: Colin gray Date: 9 May 2020 18:44
How did you find this website? Browsing
Comments: My brother was a member of capt peppiats team ,w/o in a brengun carrier,reconnaissance spotting for the guns from D day +3 until he was killed 9feb 1945,reichwald forest
Name: Chris madden Date: 8 January 2020 22:54
How did you find this website? Web search
Comments: I'm looking for some info regarding my grandfather who was in the 131st Reg during the war.
Name: Irene Blair Date: 3 December 2019 15:27
How did you find this website? On line
Comments: I would like more info on the Horse soldiers in Glasgow
Name: Irene blair Date: 3 December 2019 15:25
How did you find this website? On line
Comments: My grandfather was a Horse soldier in a Glasgow regiment in 1944,I would like to find out more about him
Name: Julie Taylor Date: 2 December 2019 21:50
How did you find this website? Facebook Link
Comments: I hope you can help me, I am seeking information regarding my grandfather William Henry Taylor, who I believed served with you during WW2, could you please contact me. Many Thanks.
Name: Chris Dunham Date: 27 November 2019 12:30
How did you find this website? google search
Comments: I am in contact with a veteran of the Regiment who is aged 102. He was an officer in 320 Battery. he has written a book about his time during the War. I would appreciate a chat so please email me your phone number. Regards
Name: jan Date: 2 September 2019 08:24
How did you find this website? google
Comments: Hello, i know from the war diaries that the 131th passed in our town Wolverthem. Can anyone tell me how long they have been here. And who they were? My mom( 95) remembers that some of the English soldiers were staying in farmhouses . Thanks.
Name: john harrison Date: 21 January 2019 17:09
How did you find this website?
Comments: I would be very interested to have a copy of Anna Bells information on Edward Rayner and Capt Peppiatt. Hope that is possible.
Name: john harrison Date: 2 January 2019 17:07
How did you find this website?
Comments: A very interesting website
Name: David Brown Date: 28 August 2018 18:49
How did you find this website? Forces war records
Comments: Looking for information on action in Mouen on 17 July 44 and the loss of my uncle, Lieutenant Stanley Sinclair Brown 276022
Name: anna bell Date: 19 March 2018 20:31
How did you find this website? really interesting
Comments: I have a written story of the part my dad edward rayner played along with captain peppiatt if its of any interest but not sure if it orginally came via edward seymour.
Name: P.n. Hendrikx Date: 14 November 2017 11:29
How did you find this website? internet
Comments: Looking for additional information about Cyril Edward Major Wiggins picture if possible. Thanks in advance
Name: Bryan Burnikell Date: 3 November 2017 16:42
How did you find this website? Google search
Comments: Am Researching my Father in Law who was a driver Mechanic with this unit
Name: Mark lindsay Date: 23 October 2017 15:44
How did you find this website? internet research
Comments: My father served aboard LST-528 which your unit sailed on 6 June 1944. Do you have any photos or other info about this ship. I have the June war diaries which listed it. Thank You for any assistance. Mark
Name: Lee Thomas Date: 9 July 2017 16:51
How did you find this website? google
Comments: I've been researching the men named on my local war memorial (Camberley,Surrey) and one of those men named is Major John Alexander Oliver killed in action on the 24th of March 1945 whilst serving with 319 Bty., 131 Field Regt.
Name: Aad Boode Date: 16 November 2016 09:41
How did you find this website? google; searching for R.A. pipe majors
Comments: I am compiling a list of Pipe Majors of military Pipes & Drums worldwide. Did the 131st Field Regiment have Pipes & Drums and, if so, who was/were its Pipe Major(s)?
Name: Jacqueline Simmons nee Bradley Date: 26 October 2016 13:32
How did you find this website? Contacted in 2015
Comments: Tried to contact Steve Haynes, but haven't had a reply.
Name: Steve Haynes (Born Stephen Bradley) Date: 8 September 2016 23:54
How did you find this website? google
Comments: Hi Jacqueline Simmons (nee Bradley) if you see this please email me at stevehaynes67@bigpond.com William Henry Bradley is my great uncle. I'd love to make contact with you.
Name: Katie-Marie Catterall Date: 19 August 2016 11:32
How did you find this website? google
Comments: Hello There, I am trying to trace a possible relative of mine. Alexander Patrick Paterson, Born in Glasgow...was a Gunner and toured the south east of England. His address was possible Annex Street - Glasgow. Any help may be appreciated. I am aware the Gentleman may have passed away, but would be fantastic to know of my family history. Warm Wishes, Katie Catterall (Possible Grand-Daughter) I am the daughter of Rosemarie Patient whose mum was May Patient and was a plane spotter.
Name: Harold Bradley Date: 10 August 2016 10:39
How did you find this website? when it began,
Comments: Dear Toby, Are you going on Ledger trip 22/08/16, look forward to seeing you & your mother. Kindest Regards&whatever. Harold & Doreen.
Name: Tom Wheatley Date: 8 December 2015 13:56
How did you find this website? Researching the Regiment on the web
Comments: Found papers from my father who served with the 131st, found this site on web great to read the story as my father never spoke about the war
Name: peter birchall Date: 28 August 2015 20:27
How did you find this website? google
Comments: i am trying to trace my father,s regiment . i know he ended the war in lubeck on duty in the displaced persons camps. pegasus archive says 251 battery where there any help please.
Name: Philip Reinders Date: 24 June 2015 00:39
How did you find this website? Googled
Comments: www.royalartilleryunitsnetherlands1944-1945.com site is up and running
Name: Jacqueline Simmons nee Bradley Date: 8 May 2015 18:49
How did you find this website? Watching Harold Bradley's memories
Comments: I just wanted to say how interesting I found Harold Bradley's memories. It struck a cord with me as my Father William Henry Bradley was a R.A. Gunner and was killed in the Battle of Arnhem.
Name: Jamie Quinn Date: 6 January 2015 15:42
How did you find this website? Google
Comments: Looking into uncle Charles Richardson, who was awarded Us Silver Star for action in Normandy with 131
Name: David Collins Date: 28 November 2014 04:16
How did you find this website?
Comments: I left out the word "Welsh" regiment. Sorry guys.
Name: David Collins Date: 28 November 2014 04:12
How did you find this website? I stumbled across it, being the son of a gunner
Comments: On Sunday 30/11/14 it will be 27 years since my Dad died. I do not know which regiment(s) he spent his 5 wars years with but I do remember him say that he was attached to Regiment whilst in NW Europe with 21st Army Group. I am also, like my Dad a Glaswegian and I proudly share his name. Keep up the good work.
Name: Gil Geerings Date: 10 May 2013 08:48
How did you find this website? google
Comments: Hello my name is Gil and I live in Mol. We are doing a research for our community and I'm trying to find everything about what happend in Moll. The 131st was there in september. And in the diarie they mention "see appx 'A'. I can not find what writtin in appx A. Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance!
Name: Peter Walker Date: 15 April 2013 18:05
How did you find this website? search on 131st
Comments: My dad, Stanley Walker, a cookin the ACC, and anti aircraft gunner , was attached to the 131st from Normandy till Oct 45. I recently received his records and have been able to trace his movements during that period! It's a great record.
Name: Toby Hussell Date: 13 April 2013 18:53
How did you find this website? Through Harold Bradley (veteran)
Comments: I had the pleasure of meeting Harold Bradley this week on a leger holiday tour to the beaches of Normandy.One of the highlights of the trip was meeting Harold who had me intrigued and humbled with his story of his time in world war 2.Harold and his partner Doreen will stay in my thoughts and in my mind for a very long time to come.
Name: Bruce Anthony Date: 8 March 2013 11:41
How did you find this website? searched for 131 Fd Regt
Comments: I have reently bought a Christmas Card printed for 131 whilst part of the BLA. It has a great cartoon on the front of the red lion picking up Hitler by the scruff of his neck, prior to either shaking hm or drop-kicking him. I don't have a scannner but could arrange to email you a scan if you can confirm your email address to me.
Name: Robert McAllister Date: 27 December 2012 14:00
How did you find this website? via WW2talk
Comments: If you e-mail me, I have six headstone photos of those you are missing. Happy to send and let you use them.
Name: Alister Kidd Date: 9 December 2012 06:33
How did you find this website? Browsing for info about 131/319
Comments: Great website if geography is pertinent to ones research. Unfortunately my Dad although a member of 131 seems to have spent most of his time with the regiment in Italy and the Middle East. Why is there no mention of the 131st activity in these theatres of war?
Name: Scott Miller Date: 12 November 2012 15:06
How did you find this website? google
Comments: Thanks for this website, its been hard trying to find info on the 131st.My Grand Father,sgt Gordon Dudgeon served with the regiment from 1939 till it was disbanded.He didnt talk much about the war, only when asked he would always reply "i got my feet wet alot".After his passing my Grand mother and i, found a photo in his uniform with a family which we believe was taken in Holland, also a newspaper clipping of my Grand father inspecting the Siegfried line.i would be very happy to send a copy of these to you, if your interested.
Some years ago my grand mother spoke to a very close friend of my Grand father who had served with him(TA),and asked him about their war years.He had mentioned that my Grand father was in Coventry the night that it was leveled, and was never the same after this episode.i was wondering if you have any Regimental info on this period of time.
Thanks Scott.
Name: Ian Paterson Date: 4 August 2012 08:48
How did you find this website? Previous contact
Comments: Hi, you might remember that a few years ago you kindly sent me some copies of some diaries as my father Alex Paterson was in 131st before joing 5 RHA. He may have served in the ‘parent’ 80th Regt before 131st was formed as it duplicate, but I will not know that until I get his service records, Sadly he died last year, but I have some of photos you might like and a little story about him you can add to you site. You may know me from my Desert Rat website, Ian
Name: Malcolm Teasdale Date: 12 June 2012 22:11
How did you find this website? google
Comments: My dad Fred Teasdale served in the 131st field regiment (495 battery) in WW2 and I've got some regimental photographs I would like to put on the website
Name: Ian G Mclean Date: 13 January 2012 23:22
How did you find this website?
Comments: My father B.F.Mclean (131st ,319 battery) was billeted with some Canadians in Goch near Celle ,and was sent with 5 others for a couple of hours to Bergen Belsen to witness the attrocities ( their exists Cine Footage on you tube ) Dad said that they coulld only give out cigarettes to the survivors and no food or drink.
I would lke to send some images of my dad and 319 battery if possible ?

Kind regards Ian
Name: Ian G Mclean Date: 8 July 2010 14:23
How did you find this website? google
Comments: My Father B F Mclean served in the 131st,319 battery (25 pounders )during WW2 and wondered if any one has any info , as Dad did not talk about the war much ???
This is a great commemorative site :)
Name: Harold Bradley Date: 18 May 2010 22:16
How did you find this website? I was in 319 Bty.
Comments: Why no mention in the diaries about 319 in Normandy on 09/06/44
Name: Mark Barry-Jackson Date: 4 April 2010 17:26
How did you find this website? Google Search
Comments: Very pleased to find some information on Captain Frederick Jackson who was killed in Normandy in 1944. For information his father was named Wilfred Barry Jackson (not Baley - as you mention in your notes)He was one of my great uncles.
Name: graham badger Date: 4 March 2010 15:16
How did you find this website? research
Comments: Great site,was tracking down my partners great grandfather who fell in normany and was surprised to find a picture of his grave,Ivor Woolford was his name.It says that he may have fell at gavrus but i have a feeling he was injured in mouen on the 17th july after a bombing raid and died from his wounds on the 31st,would love anyone with any info to let me know!
Name: Sammy Gillan Date: 1 March 2010 22:42
How did you find this website? Through a friend
Comments: I served with 207 Bty.(TA)the same time as Jamie Shannon (Who put me onto this great site). I am also in the process of having a war memorial erected for the men of Bailliston in the east end of Glasgow who died for this country.
Name: jamie shannon Date: 1 March 2010 19:20
How did you find this website? past on by a friend
Comments: current member of 207 city of glasgow battery and the current district gunner at edinburgh castle, great website
Name: John Clark Date: 2 December 2009 23:18
How did you find this website? google
Comments: Thank you for a great website. I have tried for some time to find information regarding my father Major John Fraser Clark M.C. and was interested to read the refernces to him in the war diaries. He passed away in Johannesburg South Africa some years ago and always remained very private about his years in the army. I also remember his good friend Major Hal D Stewart who visited us many times in South Africa. A true gentleman if ever there was one.
Name: Tom Bannerman Date: 13 September 2009 14:31
How did you find this website? Researching in preparation for trip to Belgium and Holland (Tilburg 65th anniversary programme)
Comments: My father, Cameron Bannerman, served with this regiment. We are planning to travel from Sydney, Australia, to join in the coming celebrations in Tilburg. It will be entirely enthralling for both of us. Perhaps we will meet you there.
Name: Paul Pearce-Smith Date: 14 February 2009 00:40
How did you find this website? Research
Comments: Interested in the history of the Regiment during its time in BAOR. Would like permission to add link on http://baor-locations.com/default.aspx

Paul Pearce-Smith
Name: Philip Reinders Date: 22 June 2008 09:24
How did you find this website? google
Comments: Working on a website about Royal Artillery units that fought in the Netherlands in 1944-1945.

If any has any photographs/documentations/stories about the Regiment would be welcome to hear of them

Cheers Philip

Name: William Taylor Date: 1 March 2008 23:28
How did you find this website? Google under Tilburg
Comments: I recall the welcome received from the people and the way they readily took us into their homes for a short rest. A memory which lasts for ever
Name: Bruce Young Date: 31 December 2007 18:39
How did you find this website? google
Comments: My uncle Bill Jessiman (from Farnborough, Hants) served with the 131st in WW2. He landed in Normandy and went through to Germany. Thank you for the diary so I can follow his path.
Name: Thomas Burns Date: 18 January 2007 20:56
How did you find this website? Search for Glasgow Artillery
Comments: As a serving member of 207 (City of Glasgow) Battery (v) it is a website which I will Pass onto other members of the Battery who are interested in the history.The Battery HQ and one Troop is still in Glasgow and the other one Troop in Edinburgh,

Great Website

Name: Ton de Wit Date: 3 December 2006 19:24
How did you find this website? Mr. Alan Crabtree has told it to me.
Comments: Hello,

I'm from Holland and I'm a close friend of Alan and Barbara Crabtree.
The've been in Holland these summer and we took them out to some places here. A museum thats interested in the liberation of Tilburg, to the cemetery of Margraten and the Reichswald. If you like to have some pictures, I'll glad to send them to yopu're e-mail.

Greetings from Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Name: Mark Lindsay Date: 7 November 2006 17:42
How did you find this website? Researching LST 528
Comments: My father was a radioman assigned to LST-528, Looking for any information/picture on your units interaction with the 528th. Were was the ship when you reported aboard, etc.
Mark Lindsay
Name: A. Verbakel Date: 5 June 2005 09:43
How did you find this website? via a memory-card on the gravestone at Uden War Cemetery
Comments: On behalf of the Foundation Uden War Cemetery at Uden.
We are in touch with many relatives of the in Uden buried men and have many details about their killing in action, their previous place of burial etc.
Gnr. Moss died of wounds in an hospital in the Generaal de Bonskazerne at Gravge (mil.barracks)and was previous buried in a fieldgrave in front of this barracks. In Summer 1946 reburied in Uden War Cemetery.
Do you have more informations about Gnr. Moss ??
All remarks will be gladly received.
Name: koos koeman Date: 14 May 2005 22:24
How did you find this website? at gravestone in Mierlo
Comments: I visit the graves in Mierlo each week. I walk along all the graves and pray to Jesus the Messiah: "Lord, bless all the soldiers and their families."
I'am deeply gratefull for all the soldiers who fought for our freedom.
Name: Desiree Jansen Date: 10 May 2005 13:59
How did you find this website? A piece of paper was left behind on the grave of John Kennedy in Mierlo/Netherlands
Comments: We wanted to find more information about the 131st who helped to free our land. After 60 years we are still very very grateful. I'm 35 years old, married and 4 children. My grandfather went into hiding. He was a horse trainer in the Dutch army. He died in 1978, but told his grandchildren a lot of world-war-stories. Now, my husband Matthew, me and the kids visit every year one of the war-cemetery in the neighbourhood at the 4th of may (remembrance day in the Netherlands). Each kid has a few smal plants and chooses graves to put one there. In this way they (and we) read the names, age etc. of the soldiers and also the emblems the kids find great.
Desiree Jansen
Name: Martin G. Zondag Date: 3 May 2005 23:34
How did you find this website? Via a note, left on Gunner John Macfarlane's grave in The Netherlands
Comments: Our deepest gratitude to all those soldiers who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.
We will never forget.
Name: Aaron Bougourd Date: 27 March 2005 22:14
How did you find this website?
Comments: Well done Edward, lets keep up the good work and see what other history we can dig up !!!!!,This site will be a lasting tribute to my grandfather and other members of 131st who fought and died for their Country
Aaron Bougourd