131st Field Regiment Royal Artillery

War Diary for November 1945

Commanding Officer: Lt-Col GM Palmer,MC,R.A.
Place Date Hour Summary References to Appendices
RATZEBURG 1 Field Marshal Montgomery presented decorations to men of the Division at LUBECK. Captain J. Cawley received MC, Bdr Bennett the MM and Gnr Ridsdale the MM. Regt supplied Guard of Honour of 50 men, commanded by Captain JMB Macillian MC RA.
5 Frontier Posts A and B ( see October Diary ) handed over to GLAS H. C Troop rejoins 320 Bty at RATZEBURG.
7 Brig A/Q 8 Corps District visits unit and inspects accommodation. Captain RA Bush RAMC posted to 21 A TK Regt RA, and Captain JH Swan joins in his place.
15 Captain J. Kilburn RA and Captain J. Downie RA depart on class B Release.
25 N Lt-Col JND Tyler OBE MC RA relinquishes command on posting to 21 A Tk Regt RA. Lt-Col GM Palmer, MC RA assumes Command.
28 Re-adjustment of frontier carried out in conjunction with Russians, in order to straighten the line and so make control easier. 131 Fd Regt is now responsible for posts as under:-

POST A 002763 )
POST B 016764 ) These are blocked and visited by armed patrol continually by day and night.
POST C 031750)
POST D 050727 Manned continuously
Back Stop Control Barrier at 018712, Which is also manned continuously.

There is little else to report for the month. Larger parties are now departing on class A Release. The Regiment continues to carry out its occupational duties. There are occasional isolated incidents in which Polish PWX have caused trouble with the local population, but these incidents are small and easily controlled.