131st Field Regiment Royal Artillery

War Diary for September 1944

Commanding Officer: Lt-Col J.M. HAILEY R.A.
Place Date Hour Summary References to Appendices
D'AUBERT Pres Vatteville (3293) 1st 1310 Remained at D'Aubert while awaiting an operational role. Finally a move was made at 0915 hrs 3rd Sept, as far as TRONQUAY, where the Regiment harboured for the night, and where was held the service for the NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER, September 3rd 1944.
TRONQUAY (4811) 5th 1035 Left TRONQUAY en route for GALLEFONTAINNE, arriving at 1315hrs. Left GALLIFONTAINNNE (5936) at 0930, and harboured for the night at ROUGEFRAY arriving (head of column) 1530 hrs.
ROUGEFRAY (0301) 7th 0900 Left ROUGEFRAY and crossed Franco-Belgiun border at 2045 hrs Harboured at KERKOVE (2300 hrs)
KERKOVE (0255) 12th 1230 Left KERKOVE and moved up to LA PINTE (near Ghent) arriving 1700 hrs. Guns now in action. The Regiment remained at LA PINTE until 10th October, when orders were issued to go to the MOLL area. At WOLVERTHEM, near BRUSSELS, a two day harbouring was spent with the guns out of action.
WOLTHEREM 12th 1015 Location changed to TONGERLOO(0282), arriving at 1500 hrs. Supplies were at this time drawn from the captured dump in BRUSSLES and were issued at a 'Regimental party' two days later. While at TONGERLOO, on the 13th a party under Lieutenant J.M.Macmillan, R.A. crossed the Albert Canal to bring back prisoners, taking 19 in all. One of these had been previously taken by members of Maj. Campbells (320th Battery) O.P. Party.
13th 1700 A quick action on the road near MOLL (see appx 'A') was the prelude to a harbouring of 4 days.
MOLL (1689) 17th 0930 Moved to GHEEL in Regimental column. Guns were in action from here for the feint attack across the canal made by the 15 (S) Infantry on 18-20th October. Finally orders were received to return to MOLL under command Brigade (227(H) Inf Bde) prior to moving into Holland to rejoin the rest of the Division.
GHEEL (0788) 20th At GHEEL a hit on 320 gun position resulted in a small number of casualties, included one killed (Alexander Miller).
MOLL (1590) 22nd 1330 Commitments taken over by 7th Armoured Div. During this and the next few days there was considerable planing to make the Brigade Independent. Until finally rejoining the Div. on the 27th, the Regiment was always under immediate Comd Bde., ready for such a contingency, although still taking part in fire plans for the Div Inf. Regt moved to STIJNSEL and harboured there for the night.
STIJNSEL (3412) 23rd 0900 Commenced move to ACHT, near EINDHOVEN.
ACHT (4022) 27th 1000 Moved to position at VLEUT, with guns in sp of attack on BEST and north easterly drive to clear pockets of resistance.
VLEUT (3929) 29th 1430 Moved posn to NIJNSEL, 4000yds further east. Remained there until relieved by 51st(H) Div in early Oct.