131st Field Regiment Royal Artillery

War Diary for August 1944

Commanding Officer: Lt-Col J.M. HAILEY R.A.
Place Date Hour Summary References to Appendices
HERVIEUX 2nd 1815 Move to follow Divisional infantry- New location ST MARTIN DE BESACES.
ST MARTIN 3rd Support of attack southwards to ST PIERRE TARENTAINE.
5th 1100 Move to St Pierre Tarentaine- Support given to attack in general direction of VIRE-VASSEY ESTRY. zone of fire 60 degrees right and left of Z/1
ST PIERRE 7th One gun of 'D' Troop under Lieutenant R.W. DEW R.A. detached to fire red smoke on Corps front in connection with R.A.F. attacks. Support given to to attack on ESTRY and enviorons
" " 8th (Thomas Hanna)
" " 9th Unit moves from St Pierre Tarentaine to location near ST CHARLES DE PERCY.
ST CHARLES 14th 1015 Move from St Charles de Percy towards CAEN front. Laagered for the night and following days at BULLY arriving 1845 hrs 14/8/44. Route:- Via CAUMONT and CARPIQUET.
BULLY 16th 0930 Left Bully, and harboured for the night in FORET DE CINGLAIS, (Regt area approx)
CINGLAIS 19th 1420 Move to FALAISE. Harboured for the night and following day at house 127364
FALAISE 21st R.H.Q. moved up to to Chateau 125369. Weather poor to fair.
" " 23rd 2000 Left Falaise en route for the SEINE. Harboured for night 23/24 at L'Abbaie, arriving 2330 hrs.
L'Abbaie 24th 1020 Left L'Abbaie via FOUCHES and CROCY to TRUN. Long halts and delays en route. Laagered BOURDON. Map ref 7/F/6408564.
BOURDON 25th 0800 Headed North West from Bourdon. Laagered near AUTHIEUX at farm square 9972 Guns and Batteries Laagered in Regimental position- not in position.
AUTHIEUX 26th 0500 Left Authieux in easterly direction, along EMANVILLE road. Laagered at La Haye de Compt, near LOUVIERS.
LOUVIERS 27th 1445 Moved to VIRONVAY, with guns in support of assault crossing of SEINE at 1800 hrs.
VIRONVAY 28th 2359 Commenced move to cross the SEINE. Actual crossing accomplished at ST PIERRE DE VAVRAY at 0200 hrs. 29/8/44. Laagered for rest of the night at HERQUEVILLE.
D'AUBERT 30th 53(W) Division moved up through 15(S) Infantry Division. Remained at D'Aubert in readiness to move North.