131st Field Regiment Royal Artillery

War Diary for September 1945

Commanding Officer: Lt-Col J.N.D. Tyler O.B.E. M.C., R.A.
Place Date Hour Summary References to Appendices
KASTORF GERMANY 3 Regimental sports held at MOLLIN. Results were 320 Bty 68 points, 319 Bty 28 points, 495 Bty 26 points, R.H.Q.---4 points.
5 Lieut. G.S. Rose, R.A., rejoined the unit from 94 British General Hospital.
8 The Divisional R.A. Brigade games were held at LUBECK.
15 Divisional games at LUBECK
17 Captain A.S. TEE MBE RA rejoined the unit from 47 Rft Holding Unit.
23 Intake of 25 Ors arrived on posting.
RATZEBURG GERMANY 27 RHQ moved to RATZEBURG (MR 012711). Two Batteries will be moved later.
28 Lt. D.M. Farquharson, R.A., now posted to no. 2 CA/MG Pool wef 6 Aug.
Apart from the above-noted items, there is nothing to report for September. The Regiment continues to carry out Occupational Duties. Several Guards and/or Train Conducting Officers have been provided for Red Cross Trains to Russia and Yugo-Slavia on repatriation work. The Regiment is also responsible for manning a number of frontier posts on the boundary between British and Russian Zones of Occupation.