131st Field Regiment Royal Artillery

War Diary for August 1945

Commanding Officer: Lt-Col J. N. D. Tyler, OBE, MC RA
Place Date Hour Summary References to Appendices
KASTORF GERMANY 1 Hand-over of area referred to in last month's diary completed.
2 Capt TC Palmer, Capt HB REES and Lt ASH SROOT arrived on posting from 156(LY) Fd Regt RA RQMS TOMBAZIS commissioned from ranks as Lt (QM) Vice Capt JF DUFF RA (released) DAQMG 8 Corps District visits unit and inspects accommodation.
4 Capt ME PEPPIATT goes to HQ RA 15(S) Div as BM. Lt JMB MACMILLAN MC RA to be Capt & Adjutant.
6 Public holiday. Lieut. EOH HORSLEY to be Captain. Lieut. D.M. Farquharson att 301 Mil Gov Det.
9 7 Officers and 88 ORs on SEAC draft. Officers were Capt AS TEE MBE, Capt RW DEW, Lt HA HAMILTON Lt JC CORNWELL, Lt JW MOODY, LT AD WILSON and Lt K. WILSON.
12 Lt TJ MAIR posted from 156 (LY) Fd Regt RA
13 Major SVP CORNWELL RA appointed 2 IC. Major JF CLARK to be OC 495 Fd Bty RA
15 'VJ' Day. 2-day Regt holiday but otherwise no special celebration.
20 Capt BC JAMES posted to HQ 21 A Gp.
30 Capt AS WELLS posted to unit.
31 Adm inspection of unit by CRA, Brig L. BOLTON, DSO. Nothing to report during month regarding Occupational Duties, Mil Gov etc.