131st Field Regiment Royal Artillery

War Diary for May 1945

Commanding Officer: Lt-Col J. N. D. Tyler, OBE, MC RA
Place Date Hour Summary References to Appendices
HAMWARDE 788431 1 Following up the ELBE crossing Regiment moved to HAMWARDE. (Alfred Hook)
HOHENOHORN 749458 2 Further move to HOHENOHORN. 1 Officer and 4 OR PW taken.
AHRENSBURG 745585 3 Moved again to location at 745585 (2 Km from TRITTAU)
AHRENSBURG 65668 4 Moved to and harboured in village of Ahrensburg
5 Day Spent on maintenance and cleaning.
6 Church parade for 227 Bde group. At conclusion of service the Brigade commander, Brig. E.C. COLEVILLE paid high tribute to the supporting arms and services especially the gunners. Rain spoiled the parade. 4 PWs taken
7 V.E. Day. C.O. addressed all ranks of the Regiment, thanking them for their good work, and outlined the future activities of the unit.
9/14 Administration and maintenance went on. Regt. was called upon to supply various guards for VPs and PW cage.
15 Werewolf "scare". Parties from RHQ and 320 Bty carried out raids and numerous German military personnel dressed in civilian clothing were arrested.
18 Regiment took over Military Government commitments in KREIS STORMANN. Batteries were widely dispersed---- 319 at HOISBUTTEL 609690, 320 at SCHMALENBECK 684644, 495 AT WILLINGHAUSEN 638548
19/25 Numerous German military personnel and displaced persons of all nationalities sorted out.
KASTORF 8877 24 15 Div Arty becomes responsible for KREIS LAUENBURG less part of rly SCHANHEIDE 9641-AUMUHLE 7151 RHQ KARSTORF 8776 319--- SANDESNEBEN-- 8269 320-- BUCHOLZ 9875 495-BELENDORF 9370
24/31 Time devoted to organising new area, recreational training etc. Recreation hampered by lack of sports equipment and ----------- but efforts are being made to obtain these.
Commanding Officer: Lt-Col J. N. D. Tyler, OBE, MC RA
Second-in-Command: Major. H.D. Stewart. TD. RA.