131st Field Regiment Royal Artillery

War Diary for June 1945

Commanding Officer: Lt-Col J. N. D. Tyler, OBE, MC RA
Place Date Hour Summary References to Appendices
KASTORF 2 Party from the Regiment attended the Kings Birthday party Parade at KIEL as spectators.
5 Major H. D. Stewart T.D., R.A. leaves the unit on admission to 74 (Br) General Hospital.
6 Captain I.K. COLBURN, R.A., rejoins unit from hospital.
7 Major J.F. Clark, R.A.., rejoins unit from hospital. All Officers complain of the tedious system involved in returning through the various Reinforcing Holding Units.
10 Regimental Church Parade with special Second Army Thanksgiving form of service. Representatives from the Regiment attends special Thanksgiving Service held by 227(H) Inf Bde in LUBECK.
14 Commanding Officer held special Kings Birthday Inspection and took the salute at a march past of all sub-units. Received the Burgomeister of Kastorf who presented a letter of congratulation on the Kings Birthday on behalf of his people. Major H.D.Stewart T.D.,R.A.., rejoins unit from the Hospital, and proceeded to organise to organise Regimental Concert Party.
15 All guns and tractors on charge were handed in to Ordnance Parks. Regiment is to be reorganised as a Garrison unit. Having in each Battery, one mobile troop and two rifle troops. Infantry training is to be carried out with this end in view.
16 Lieutenant-General Sir Miles Dempsey, KCB, DSO,MC, inspected all ranks of the Divisional Artillery. In a brief address after the inspection, the General paid high tribute to the work of the gunners during the Campaign of North-West Europe.
20 Lieutenant J. M. Steel, R.A., posted to the airborne corps.
22 (Alistair De Lorey)
24 An extremely Violent thunder storm this afternoon put all telephonic communication in the area out of action.
25 Captain (QM) J.F. DUFF, R.A., rejoined the unit from hospital
30 Operation COMMA. British Troops withdrawn to the YALTA line, the eastern boundary of the Regimental area is also the boundary between British and Russian Zones of Occupation. One Troop from 320 Fd Bty moved to the area of Gr GRONAU-TUSCHENBEK 9981. Frontier posts established and manned at Bridge 0082 and bridge 0080. Civilian control checkpoints established and manned on the ELBE -TRAVE Canal at bridges at BERKENTHIN 9274 and KRUMESSE 9180-object to limit refugee traffic and unnecessary civilian "swanning". All Russian nationals were shipped back to the Russian area.