131st Field Regiment Royal Artillery

War Diary for June 1944

Commanding Officer: Lt-Col J.M. HAILEY R.A.
Place Date Hour Summary References to Appendices
1st - 13th At Ashington, this period was spent preparing for the attack across the Channel. Waterproofing was completed, and final stocks of stores etc are collected and issued. For the last 8 days of the period the Regiment was at 6 hours notice to move. Orders finally came through on the afternoon of the 13th of June.
Ashington 14th 0830 Regimental Coloum (convoy No S.E. 3505) departs en route for Marshalling area.
Romford area 15th In marshalling area waiting for return of LST.
Tilbury 17th 2200 First party consisting of half of Regiment (318 all ranks ) embarked on USS LST 528. Personel consisted of one troop 319 Bty, 495 Bty in toto, and RHQ. Comd Lt Col Hailey, R.A. Second Party embarked on USS LST 390 (294 all ranks) Personnel consisted of Major Stewart (Comd) 320 Bty, and 319 less one troop.
Courselles 22nd Personnel on LST 528 disembarked and proceeded to location near St Audrieux
(Juno Beach) 23rd Personnel on LST 390 disembarked and proceeded to location near St Audrieux
Audrieu 24/25 0300 Completion of move to forward area near Bronay. Preparation to support attack on Tourville, Mondraville, and bomdardment of Cheux
26th Bombardment of Cheux. 320 'C' Troop OP reported missing.
27th Move to new location near Cheux Sgt McDowall killed in battle accident.* ( William Speir) Capts Clark annd Henderson (319 Bty) evacuated with wounds in face
28th Return of Capt Peppiatt and 320 OP party, having escaped from capture. L/Bdr Malcolm evacuated suffering from shellshock from British bombardment of Cheux. **
29th 1800-2200 Concentration of regts and of Divisional Arty to repel counter attacks (Fredrick Jackson)
30th Stray Tanks in front of Gun position repelled by own armour. Captian Mundie and 319 OP party killed by morter fire near Grainville. Maj Cornwell (495) evacuated suffering from shhrapnel wounds. (Ian Mundie, Andrew Shanlin and William Todd)
* Sgt McDowall was with 320 OP party when they were taken prisoner, he was shot trying to escape.
** L/Bdr Malcolm was a prisoner held in Cheux whilst it was bombarded by his own guns